Published on 16 Nov 2018

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This video is property of Train_PlaneHub 2160p 4K HD! Istanbul Ataturk has been on my to do list for plane spotting for quite some time now and with the opening of the new Istanbul airport just around the corner its days are numbered! So I finally got round to it, stayed just one night and managed to do some filming the first evening and the second morning before flying back home. This is PART 1! - There are 3 videos in total which include different shots and different aircraft during my trip to Istanbul. This was filmed the first evening and includes a handful of arrivals on RWY05, but the majority of this video includes the busy, never ending line up of departures from RWY35R. Unfortunately during this time the closer runway (35L) was blocked off and wasn't in use. So you'll have to wait for part 3 to see some even more close up departures. All flight information has been edited on screen for your entertainment as well! AIRCRAFT INCLUDED IN THIS VIDEO: Turkish Airlines A320's, A321's, A330's & 737's Emirates 777, ULS Cargo A310, Turkish Cargo 777, Turkish Government A318 & A319, Saudia A330, Asiana A330, Qeshm Air A300, Kalitta Air 747, ACT Cargo 747, Aeroflot, British Airways, Onur Air, Atlantis European 737-500 & more! Also look out for the Turkish 737-700, which is now the only one in the fleet! Lots to look out for. Remember to check out the other 2 parts as well! Part 2 is Early Morning Over head Arrivals and Part 3 is more departures, but closer! With RWY35L in use which includes more A300's, A310's, A330's & A340's taking off from very close up. Check out the flight video, onboard a Turkish Airlines A321 from London Heathrow right here: Thanks for watching COMMENT, THUMBS UP, FAVOURITE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE!

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