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[ADVANCED] The Best Binaural Beats For A Deep Sleep

Jody Hatton's Videos

Jody Hatton's Videos

Published on 14 Okt 2014

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** PLEASE NOTE: If you're new to binaural beats, I highly recommend my "beginner" track: http://bit.ly/binauralbeginner Continue watching this video at your own risk! ** DOWNLOAD all my binaural beat content here: http://bit.ly/bestbinaural ** NO SOUND? Stereo headphones are REQUIRED in order for your brain to receive the benefits of this video! ** DISABLE any filters on your device (DTS, surround enhancers, bass boost, etc) as they will interfere with proper audio playback. After using Holosync and Hemi-Sync products to meditate and sleep for the last 10 years, I decided it was time to start making my own binaural beat tracks that didn't have all the extra sound effects and dated music added on top. Before making my own track, I came to YouTube and was shocked to see all the garbage there is out here. Unlock your codons with a DNA-healing miracle tone? Please. That's not remotely how binaural beats work... and 528 Hz is an annoying, uncomfortable tone to listen to. Schumann resonance doesn't apply here, either, because we're not vibrating every cell of the body with a loudspeaker, we're only playing gentle tones into the ears. This video isn't perfect, either, and much of the information contained in it has not yet been verified by perusing actual scientific research papers. There's a ton of information about binaural beats on the Internet, the vast majority of which is basically made-up trash. For now, based on what I know today, I'm certain that listening to the audio contained in this presentation (with stereo headphones) will help anybody enjoy a peaceful, restful, deep sleep ... or, at the very least, become very calm and relaxed. I used myself as a guinea pig and tested this track for a week before posting it here. I was thrilled with the results! As far as volume goes, make sure it's loud enough that you can clearly hear the tones in both ears, but quiet enough that you'll be able to fall asleep without being distracted by the noise. Enjoy! ** DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor, just a nerd who loves meditation and experimenting with new things. I test every binaural beat track on myself and make sure I'm happy with the result before I make it public. Ultimately, every person is going to have their own unique experience. Using this track is done at your own risk -- if you start to experience any negative effects, STOP using it!

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