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Sonic: Victorious



Published on 12 Agu 2019

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Hellooo everybodyyyyy :3 how are you all doiinnn??? i hope you're all great and have a fun summer vacationn :))) sooo the day finally came huh... i feel really old tbh xD i've been doin all these for 5 years omg... aaahhh how many good memories i have from here.. :')) from the very first video till now.... i met so many amazing people in here... people that even if we have all parted ways, i still have them in my heart :''))) i miss everyone so much.. Koji, Danny, Cristina, Bryce, Joel, Jacob, Amber, Adam, Marlie, Ibra, Robby, Anto, Jen, Darian... and my beloved Darkie-senpai :'')) i hope you guys are all well, doin great in life and be happy!!! ^^ i love you all so much and you all hold a special place in my heart!!! i really hope we can get to talk with eachother again at some point or even meet aaahhh ^^ dedicated to all of you my friends i hope you like it ^^ And lastly i want to thank you all my subscribers and fans for making a dream, that 5 years ago i thought it'd be impossible, come true and this channel is near 20K Subs and i promise you that i'll keep trying to get better at my videos, if there's any recommendations for my vids, either it's an effect or a song or anything honestly you all now i read every comment and i'll be glad to see what you all want c: hope you like the video and have a fantastic rest of your summer!!! ^^ ~Panos

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