Jesse Coffey

Jesse Coffey

Published on 15 Nov 2018

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Printed during the 9th week of 1997. In this episode, Allegra finds a tiny key that helps everyone when they tell her she's too little to do things such as cooking and sharing her brother's toys. TECHNICAL NOTE: This was back when Paramount reserved its use of SLP mode for tapes pertaining to shows that air on Nickelodeon and its Nick Jr. block. There are some white lines on the picture here as a result. As well, the closed captioning on this VHS may come across as horribly botched. If they are, switch to English (auto-generated) as the setting for closed captions. Usually on my openings, I don't skip the opening scene of the film or series episode. I make an exception here due to the harsh copyright politics of Viacom International, Inc. Paramount Home Video #833603 Contents: Logo: Paramount Pictures Previews: a. Allegra's Window on VHS (Waiting For Grandma, #833743/Storytime Sing-Along, #836913/Allegra's Christmas, #836843/Small Is Beautiful, #833603) b. Charlotte's Web (#8099)/Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown (#8850)/The Secret Garden (#42073) "And now, we're pleased to bring you our feature presentation" Text: "LICENSED ONLY FOR NON-COMMERCIAL PRIVATE EXHIBITION IN HOMES. ANY PUBLIC PERFORMANCE, OTHER USE OR COPYING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. ALL RIGHTS UNDER COPYRIGHT RESERVED." Logo: Paramount Pictures Promo: Nick Jr. (CC) Logo: Nick Jr. Introduction by Face (CC) (I'm pretty sure many '90s kids remember him; if Nick Jr. was one of cable's great big classrooms then, Face essentially was the teacher)

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