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Published on 13 Apr 2019

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彼らが座って食べるときいたずらな男の子はゴミを投げます. 警察はその少年を見て思い出させ、ゴミを片付けて指定された場所に運びます。このビデオの終わりに警察が男の子のレーシングカーに出会ったときの楽しい状況を見ている私に参加してください. ► Subscribe channel: ► See more of: Dom Funny: Dom All: Dom Family: ---------------------- Welcome to CHANNEL NAME! This is a channel specialized in producing videos for children. We bring entertainment and education to children. Every video we publish daily shows a message to help children be better aware. We look forward to receiving many comments from you through comments under each video. All audio and video content in this channel is owned by FUTURE MEDIA JSC, and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Artist: --------------------- About us: ► Gmail: [email protected] ► Fanpage Facebook: THANKS FOR WATCHING AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE! #KUDO #KIDTOYS #DOMTV

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