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Edwards Aesthetics | Female Brazilian Client 3

Cara Edwards

Cara Edwards

Published on 9 Okt 2017

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Buy Wax | Book Appt | Blog Posts | CLICK LINK BELOW https://www.thevagician.com MY MESSAGE TO YOU!! Any woman... Any Size! I believe that no matter your size you should be able to always feel confident and amazing! Its no surprise that I love giving my clients Male or Female, the confidence to show a little more and the ability to show it off longer! Hard waxing has been such a game changer since the traditional soft wax / Honey wax or Strip wax. Hard wax has been proven to be gentle on the skin when used properly as you can see in my videos! Always make sure you are researching your Esthetician/ Body Waxer/ Licensed Professional before making your appt. Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed the content please give this video a thumbs up! MESSAGE I GAVE FOR MY CLIENT 2 VIDEO... Client #2 is my average body build. My clients come in all shapes and sizes. Client 2 visits every 3 weeks and her hair has thinned so much since we started months ago! Its important for my future clients to be educated and ALMOST all can be waxed when you think its impossible or when you think it might be uncomfortable. When you come to Edwards Aesthetics you are joining my family! I have been given the honor to make you feel amazing and you will always leave feeling amazing! Personal message- I have had women contact me or make comments before on previous posts about Brazilian waxing. I have made videos in the past of demos.. me performing a wax. Some women were concerned about their own body type. Mentioning they are heavier than the model in my video. Asking would a wax still be beneficial for them... making jokes their labias are bigger than my models.. Im not sure where the joke started or women started to believe that their bodies weren't "good enough" or at a "certain standard" when it came to the appearance of their vagina. I am here to tell you something! Women come in all different shapes and sizes! Women need to quit bashing each other and even talking down about their own bodies! I hear all the time... I"i bet she has a nasty vagina" cause she's got a little more than other women. I have seen women of all back grounds... genetic backgrounds.. ethnicities... women who have had children.. women who have hemorrhoids... women who have a condition where their skin suffers from breakouts around their thighs ( very common btw) cause of their diet or hormone issues (btw the non clinical term for it is called Acne Inverse)... The point is.. Just because you are different... Doesn't mean you shouldn't feel beautiful... you shouldn't be judged.. you shouldn't feel excluded! I can honestly say that i have never NEVER had an ugly or unworthy client on my table! But i can tell you ALL of them have left feeling.. comfortable, accepted, fresh, clean, and BEAUTIFUL!! I shared a while back an article i found showing illustrations about the different type of vaginas women have. And to my surprise even a few of my own clients thought they were outcasts cause they didn't have the "barbie vagina". This made me very sad! These women thought their most intimate areas were UGLY!!! WTF! During my appointments i just want to uplift women that have a negative opinion about their body! My job isn't to just rid the area of body hair... My job is to make you feel good about yourself! INSIDE AND OUT! I uplift my clients and educate them they are all beautiful and are all deserving of pampering! I made this video of Client 2 to show you... She is not the "barbie type" build. She has had children and has hemorrhoids, She has stretch marks, SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! Women need to quit putting so much pressure on themselves to look... "Perfect" or the worlds definition of perfect! IT doesn't exist! What exists is the happiness you express about your body.

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