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YNW Melly "Gang (First Day Out)" (Official Music Video)

YNW Melly

YNW Melly

Published on 8 Feb 2019

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Stream "We All Shine" Now https://ffm.to/weallshine Follow YNW Melly: https://www.ynw4life.com/ https://www.instagram.com/ynwmelly/ https://www.twitter.com/ynwmelly/ https://soundcloud.com/ynwmelly/ https://www.facebook.com/ynwmelly772/ #YNWMelly #FirstDayOut #Gang [Intro] I know Tell me now, no, oh-ohh Let me get n my Michael Jackson sh*t, 'cause really I'm hot as f*ck in this jacket (Woah) Getting hotter than a b*tch in here I ain't really with the sh*ts, yeah bih Shawty drunk as f*ck , I think she did a be3r I don't want that ho, she from last year [Chorus] Gang, gang, gang, gang Gang, gang, gang, gang (I ain't really with the sh*ts, yeah bih) Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang You know a n*gga run that Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang You know a n*gga run that Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang You know a n*gga really Slime, slime, slime, slime, slime, slime You know a n*gga really Ridin', ridin', ridin', ridin', ridin', ridin', ah [Verse] f*ckboy get tucked in a muthaf*ckin' pamper Leave you sh*tted out, f*ckboy, what's the answer? Called them n*ggas but they ain't answer Ballin' on n*ggas like I got bancer Ballin' on n*ggas like I got cancer Hoppin' on that d*ck, that lil' b*tch, that name should be Prancer Hoppin' on that d*ck, that lil' b*tch, that should be a dancer She don't wanna be a stripper so I cannot tip her, uh (Tip her) Thick yellow b*tch and she grabbin' on my zipper (On my zipper) Catch a p*ssy n*gga, sh00t 'em like I play for Clippers, uh (Clipper) Oops, I meant the Blippers, baby girl, you know I'm slimy (Slatt) f*ckin' on yo' thot, I'm like the Grinch, I'm super grimy (Slimy) Slimy, green, ooh yeah (Yeah) Think the b*tch the Grinch, she keep eatin' on glass (Glass) f*ck yo' thot and I won't go mad (Mad) You love that b*tch so much, you even ate the a$$ (The a$$) Hop in the coupe with my young slimes and then I spaz (Spaz) f*ck on yo' thot, I'm from muhf*ckin' Trinidad ('Nidad) I'm just playin', you know a n*gga from the G (The G) I got racks, you know them b*tches all on me Am I cute? Am I cute? Yay or nay? (Yay or nay?) Eat that d*ck, drink it up, Gatorade (Gatorade) Yo' n*gga hatin', think he need some Haterade (So hard) f*ckboy, I don't play no ace of spades (Go hard) I keep my weapon deployed (Oh) They want the boy to be destroyed (Oh) f*ckin' on yo' thot, I'm like, "Ugh" (Ugh) On my heirs, she f*ck on her, I'm a boss (Woah) I'm a rich skreet n*gga, ya dig that? Pull up on yo' a$$, you get yo' wig snatched Like three b*tches in the line fighting for, uh Tracks (Slatt, slatt) Tracks (Gang, gang) Hoppin' out the coupe with the MAC (With the MAC) Tell a p*ssy n*gga back, back (Back up, back up) Wait, tail a p*ssy n*gga bike, bike (Bike, bike) Bih ride on the d*ck just like a bike (Like a bike, man) I am not no motherf*ckin' d*ke (f*ck you, p*ssy) f*ck that boy, I'll sh00t up, why? (Why, why) Huh, I would take yo' mothaf*ckin' life (Take your life) Shut the f*ck up, you ain't take nobody life (No cap) And you know a n*gga got a couple stripes (Strapped, strapped, strapped) p*ssy , you know I like them egg whites (Energy) Big t*tties on the front of her chest (That back) Big t*tties, five bands I'll invest (I'll invest) f*ckboy, put you in cardiac arrest (Arrest) Your heart broke, you can't even say yes (Yes) Your heart broke, you can't even say no (No) [?], yeah [?] (Woah, oh, ohh)

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